What is The Great Cloth Diaper Experiment?

In 2002, when our first baby was born, cloth diapers consisted of very little variety.  We used only pre-fold cloth diapers and wool covers.  By 2004, when our second baby came along, there was a bit more variety and although we used mostly pre-folds and covers, we also had a few pocket diapers as well.

Fast forward 7 years and a few months ago our third baby, Lukas, was born.  (I know, I know...look at all that hair...)

At the time we were in the middle of a job change and a cross country move.  Although I am a cloth diaper lover, we put our little guy in disposables for the first few months until we were able to settle in to our new home.

Finally we were settled and now I was on the search for a new cloth diaper stash.   Imagine my surprise when I started searching online and found hundreds of different cloth diaper brands.  I had no idea where to start- and that's where The Great Cloth Diaper Experiment begins....