The Great Cloth Diaper Experiment PR info

If you are interested in featuring your cloth diaper or cloth diaper product at The Great Cloth Diaper Experiment, please contact us here.  We will be happy to send you information regarding scheduling and guidelines.  We love hearing about the newest and greatest cloth diapers and products!!

Featuring your product on The Great Cloth Diaper Experiment

Our goal is to test and review every cloth diaper and cloth diaper product on the market.  We are committed to finding the best of the best and our readers can be sure that we are providing them with honest and constructive feedback on every diaper and diapering product that we feature.

All the products we feature on The Great Cloth Diaper Experiment include our real experiences while using the product, photos, and our honest opinion of the featured product. If you are interested in having your diaper or diapering product featured on our site, we ask that you send us a full size sample of your product.  Your review campaign will go live within 4-6 weeks from the day of receipt of your product.

**All review campaigns will also include a review on Diaper Pin and/or Amazon. 

**Please note: The Great Cloth Diaper Experiment is not responsible for any fees associated with the mailing of your product.  
All items sent for review will NOT be returned.**

If you want to have your product featured AND offer a Giveaway

Giveaways are a great way to gain attention and create a buzz around your cloth diaper brand or cloth diapering product.  Please let us know at the time of contact if you would like to include a giveaway with your review campaign.  To enter the giveaway, we use the Rafflecopter giveaway entry form and our readers will be directed to visit your website/blog, "like" you on Facebook, and/or follow you on Twitter.

All giveaways run for a duration of two weeks unless otherwise specified.  We will select a winner using Rafflecopter's random generator and we will send you the winner's information.  You are then responsible to send the prize directly to the winner.  Most companies offer the same product that is being reviewed or a gift certificate as a prize for the giveaway.  

Featured Sponsors

Every month we will feature a Cloth Diaper brand or a Cloth Diaper Retailer as our "Featured Sponsor".  The Featured Sponsor campaign will include a detailed post including a description of the brand or retailer, pictures of the products, and direct links to social media sites (facebook, twitter, etc.).

This post will also include a Gift Certificate giveaway in the amount that the Featured Sponsor chooses and this giveaway will run the entire duration of the month.  Also included is a 125x300 ad placed in our Featured Sponsor area of our website for the duration of the month.  Please contact us if you would like to be considered for a Featured Sponsor spot.