Monday, August 21, 2017

Nana Pants by Betsy Cloth Diapers!!

Nana Pants by Betsy is an adorable Etsy shop featuring high quality pocket cloth diaper with a huge variety of fun, customizable embroidery options!!

We love cloth diapers for many reasons, but the cute factor is high on the list.  The diapers available at Nana Pants are some of the cutest embroidered diapers I have seen.  

So cute is important, but so is quality and ease of use- and Nana Pants have both.  We received an adorable "Lil Squirt" cloth diaper for review and the first thing I noticed when I pulled it out of the package is the quality of the craftsmanship that went into making this diaper.  

The embroidery is very clean and the thread colors are bright and colorful.  The stitching is very tight and the design itself is fun and creative.  The light blue PUL diaper fabric coordinated seamlessly with the embroidery design colors and the snaps.  Nana Pants diapers are available in a wide variety of colors- giving endless options for creative and original designs.

The outer PUL fabric is soft to the touch and the inner is a wonderful super soft suedecloth to help wick moisture away from baby's bottom.  The diaper we received had snap closure which I prefer and the placement gives plenty of variety in sizing with this diaper easily fitting babies from 13 to 30 lbs.  
My little Lukas is around 25 pounds currently and he had no trouble fitting his sweet chunky thighs in this diaper with room to grow.  MOST importantly, we had no issues with leaks even after an extended trial run (to the grocery store which always takes 10 times longer than I expect)!!

The insert that came with our diaper was so soft and sweet as well.  It is a hand sewn quilted tri-fold zorb insert lined in flannel.  The pocket opening in the back of the diaper is wide enough that stuffing the insert was easy and removal proved no issue as well.

Here is the adorable diaper we received:

Sorry we don't have any action shot of the little guy today.  He's been under the weather AND teething- does not make for a cooperative diaper model.  :-)

Here is a sneak peek of another adorable diaper Nana Pants has created:

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Zubky- Natural Teething Products!

Zubky- Natural Teething Products is an amazing Etsy shop with a huge variety of natural teething products, wood toys, and nursing necklaces.  I was thrilled when Zubky partnered with us in this event because I LOVE their items and I am so happy to be able to share them with you!!

Zubky's selection of natural teething products and toys is vast including natural wooden rattles, wooden blocks, adorable little peg people, wooden balls, and my favorite, rainbow connection teething ring with satin rainbow ribbon embellishment.  Truly adorable!!

All of the products at Zubky are handmade with high quality materials and superb craftsmanship.  The items are truly one of a kind and will thrill all the sweet little ones in your life!!

In addition to the wooden toys, Zubky also has an amazing selection of teething necklaces and nursing necklaces.  The teething necklaces are fun, colorful, and oh, so wonderful on little sore gums.  My sweet Lukas has recently cut four teeth at one time and this experience has not been easy on him.  He has LOVED his teething necklace and is often found dragging it along behind him as he crawls from room to room.

Here is a picture of the adorable teething necklace we were given for review:

I know.. beautiful, right!!

AND- as if those weren't enough great products, my favorite things offered by Zubky are their gorgeous nursing necklaces!!  Not just for baby- these necklaces are also a great addition to any jewelry collection and I *might* have been seen wearing this out when I did not have my little one in tow.  :-)

Each Zubky nursing necklace is handmade and one of a kind.  The beautiful stone pendants are unique and colorful- perfect for grabbing your little ones attention so they won't be grabbing your hair!!  The super strong cording prevents breaking and the beading on all Zubky necklaces are securely fastened with knots between each of the beads allowing for a safe toy for your little one.

My little Lukas has been a hair puller for months- he loves the feel of hair in his hands and has often pulled lots of my hair out in the process of nursing.  This necklace has been my saving grace as he loves to play with the pendant and the cord is just the right thickness to allow him to pull on it and not my hair!!

Here is a picture of the one of Zubky's amazing nursing necklaces (very similar to the one we were given for review):

Here is a picture of some of the beautiful nursing necklaces available at Zubky:

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Disclaimer:  I received one teething necklace and one nursing necklace to assist in my review.  The opinions in this post are mine alone and not influenced by any outside source.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Breastfeeding Post

The Basics of Breastfeeding for New Moms!!

Breastfeeding is our first and best gift to our children.  It is the most natural way for newborns to be nourished and it greatly helps with bonding on the part of  Mamas and our sweet babies.  Too often in our culture today, breastfeeding is seen as an inconvenience, too much trouble, or so painful that many new moms are shying away from even trying to breastfeed.  

Here are a few basics for new mom's to consider when deciding if breastfeeding is best for them.  

  • For babies, breastfeeding is an instinct, for mamas it is a learned skill.  
    • This means that your sweet baby knows exactly what he needs and how to get it, but we often fear that which we do not understand.  There is a learning curve when you begin breastfeeding for the first time, but fear not- you were created with the unique ability to provide perfect nutrition for your baby and if you have a little patience, you can do it.

  • Eat REAL food!!
    • You and your baby are depending on your choice of foods while you breastfeed.  The three things I live by while breastfeeding is:
      • Eat REAL Food- stay away from processed foods as much as possible.  Limit packages, plastic, boxes, fast food, etc.  Add as much protein to your diet as possible.
      • Eat RAW Food- eating fruits and vegetables the way they were created is best.  In many cases, cooking the food drains it of valuable nutrients and vitamins you and your baby need.  Whenever possible eat RAW!!
      • Eat OFTEN- your body is working hard to create milk for your little one- eat often so you are sure to be nourished and your milk supply will be abundant.

  • Drink LOTS of water!!
    • LOTS= so much more than you think- you need to be almost constantly drinking water.  It is so important for your milk production and for your overall well being.  Most people live in a state of dehydration and that can really take a toll on your body.  During your breastfeeding years it is even more important to make sure you are drinking enough water.  Good tip- if you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated!!

  • Every mother is different and therefore what worked for your mom, your sister, your best friend or the lady in the grocery store may or may not be what works best for you.  
    • Just as in pregnancy, take every piece of advice with a grain of salt, try it out for yourself, and decide if it works for you.  But most of all don't think that if you can't or don't breastfeed the same way, time frame, quantity, or position as someone else you are doing it wrong.  You are the expert on your baby and you will know what is best!!

  • Most of all- Be confident!!
    • You are an expert on your baby.  You have grown your little person in your body for nine long months and your body responds naturally to him.  Your body was created for just this purpose and you can do it.  
Breastfeeding is a natural extension of motherhood and there is tons of support in the mothering community for those who chose this path.  Seek out the support you need if you are struggling and believe in yourself and your amazing body!!

**Please note- I do know there are instances where mother's have tried to breastfeed and were not successful.  This is in no way condemning of those women- we are all different and have a different journey we walk.  We must do the best we can for our children with what we are given and there is no condemnation or judgement from one mother to another.**

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July!!

We hope you all enjoy your day!!
And let us not forget those who fight bravely for our freedoms!!